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10 Minute Trainer

One of the largest retail industries in the world revolves around the fitness business. The airwaves are filled with half-hour infomercials and 30-second advertising spots, all looking to sell you any type of product, “guaranteed” to make you lose weight and get in shape instantly. Some of these devices and programs make absurd claims, hoping to take your money in your wanting to take control of your health. That’s why I wanted to write my own 10 Minute Trainer review, so I could share my own experience of using this program.

Over the years, I have purchased many of these devices and exercise routines with the hope that I could find something to help me lose weight and tone my body. A few months ago, after studying the product at great length, I purchased the 10 Minute Trainer from the company’s website. Even when it arrived, I was reluctant to get my hopes up too high, thinking either it would be too difficult to do, or it would not truly be able to give me any results.

I am sure the concern over its effectiveness is the same as most individuals have. After all, how good could the results be if you merely spent 10 minutes on an exercise program, every time you worked out? Here is my 10 Minute Trainer review on exactly how well this product works for me:

Does This Exercise Program Work?

When I would work out at the gym, not only was it expensive, but I lost little, if any, weight. However, after just a few workouts using the 10 Minute Trainer DVDs, I came to understand why I was having amazing results in comparison to my previous routines. Though individuals have different body types, and our muscle groups and fat cells respond differently from one another, apparently this workout routine takes that into consideration.

The company that developed 10 Minute Trainer created a set of exercise routines that uses multiple muscle groups in the legs, arms and core of the body all at once. With each individual exercise lasting one minute, these simple-to-do routines quickly strengthen the muscles while using fat reserves as fuel.

You don’t have to just take my word for it in my 10 Minute Trainer review. Here are a few comments other users have posted online:

“I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. My husband does the P90X program and it did wonders for him, so I tried the 10 minute trainer. I did 2 videos a day for 6 days a week and within a few weeks i could see a definite change in my physical appearance. I love it.” – New Mommy,

“I was a little skeptical about buying this product, but I am glad I did. The package comes with everything you need to do the workouts. And with just 10 minutes per workout time is not an issue…you really workout! I am sweating, huffing and puffing. Great DVDs! It has only been 3wks and I already see great results!” – M. Tabarez,

How Well It Worked for Me

I never thought I would say the words, “I really enjoy these workouts”; however, even after a few months I am still eager to do this 10-minute routine. Doing all 10 60-second exercises really mixes up the routine and gets my circulatory system flowing. I use the resistance bands provided in the kit to eliminate the strain and hurt that can come from lifting heavy weights. The tension from the bands, caused by the natural response of “push and pull movements,” is much easier than using gym equipment, and it actually gives me positive results.

Why It Is So Cost-Effective

I was amazed at all the items that came in the kit, including four separate DVDs with a yoga flex, cardio, total-body and lower-body workout. Also, there is a resistance band plus a cardio belt, a customized workout calendar, a rapid results guidebook, a 10-minute meals book and information on their 24/7 online support, along with additional bonuses. I thought it best to purchase the product on the Internet directly from the company, in case there were any issues, but I didn’t have any. I highly recommend the 10 Minute Trainer. You may find after using it yourself for a few weeks that you want to write your very own 10 Minute Trainer review.

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