Insanity Workout Calendar – How Does This 60-Day Schedule Get Results?

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Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds or get in the best shape of your life, there is little doubt that the BeachBody workout programs will provide you with the best possible results. When you take one look at the Insanity schedule, you will see just why so many people are now choosing this hard-core workout program above all others. This is the one high-intensity workout program that promises to create a significant change in your fitness and strength in just 60 days.

What Is The Insanity Workout Calendar?

This is the calendar that you will follow for the first 60 days of working out. It starts out with a fitness test on the first day, followed by five different workouts on the next five days. The seventh day you will have off, and then you will work hard for another six days. In short, the Insanity schedule allows you to have one day out per week in order to recover and rest up.

How Does The Insanity Ab Workout Get Results?

According to the reviews for the Insanity 60 day workout program, the reason why this system gets results when others do not is because it uses a reverse interval training format. What this means is that you will work hard for anywhere from 4 minutes to 5 minutes and then take a very short break before starting up again.

The idea behind the Insanity program is that by working as hard as you can, you will begin burning fat right away, which will help you to feel more satisfied and motivated to keep going throughout the full 60 day calendar.

What Types Of Results Should You Expect From The Insanity Workout Schedule?

One thing that is important for you to remember is that, if you want the best possible results in terms of strength gain, fat loss, and improved athleticism, you need to follow the Insanity 60 day workout program all the way through. Even though you may feel as if it is simply too challenging for you at first, it would be “insane” for you to quit early when a new body is waiting for you 60 days away.

What Do The Review Say About Insanity?

The Insanity workouts have a reputation for being very intense, though it is obviously important to make sure that you are healthy enough before starting this program. Each DVD will remind you of this while also showing you the results that you are going to be working toward.

I have always hated working out, but I love this program. The time I spend doing Insanity everyday has really changed my life.” – Toni, VA (testimony from company website)

I have used so many different types of workout videos, but this is one that I will stick with. It is still challenging after doing it for months.” – Barry, MI (testimony from company website)

Is There A Downside To This Workout Program?

Perhaps the only downside to the Insanity schedule is that this program is really going to be challenging for some, particularly during the first few workouts; many people are simply unable to get through a 45 minute workout of any kind, let alone one that is this vigorous and demanding.

However, if you are able to stick to the program and commit yourself, you will see that all of your hard work begins to pay off and that you start to see serious results.

Where Can You Buy The Insanity DVDs?

You may be able to buy Insanity in some stores, but there are a few reasons why buying the DVD program online is a better choice. First of all, you will get not only the five primary workout programs, but an extra four workouts and a number of bonus materials.

Your online purchase will enable you to receive the Insanity quick start guide, nutrition plan, and a 60 day workout calendar. Also, you will get full online support, two additional workouts, and the ability to pay for this in three smaller payments. Insanity comes with a money back guarantee, so this is a no risk way for you to see what really working out is all about.

Is This The Best Exercise Program For Your Fitness Needs?

Photo of Insanity product

This is a challenge that many people are taking up, primarily because they have seen the kind of results that these exercises have provided for others. These 45 minute routines are not going to be easy to get through, particularly at the beginning, but training of any kind is always going to be tough. By following the Insanity schedule as well as the dietary plan, you should see the kind of results that others have seen, making this program well worth the time and effort.

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