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P90X Workout – Or Insanity?

One of the most popular at home workout programs of all time is P90X, which was created by Tony Horton and is one of the most famous BeachBody workout programs. This system promises to transform your body in just 90 days, and based on the many before and after photographs, it would seem that this […]

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Rockin’ Body Workout Reviews

Many of the most popular workout programs right now are extremely intense and designed for high-level athletes. While these have benefits, not everyone wants to work out to such an extreme for an hour or more per day. The Rockin’ Body program has been designed to help burn an extra 1,500 calories a day in […]

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Hip Hop Workout Songs And Music

If you are old enough, you may be able to remember back in the 80s and early 90s when Jane Fonda workout programs were immensely popular. Although these helped many women to get in shape at home, they were notorious for the terrible music that accompanied them. Thankfully, times have changed and Hip Hop Abs […]

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The Real Facts In A 10 Minute Trainer Reviews

One of the largest retail industries in the world revolves around the fitness business. The airwaves are filled with half-hour infomercials and 30-second advertising spots, all looking to sell you any type of product, “guaranteed” to make you lose weight and get in shape instantly. Some of these devices and programs make absurd claims, hoping […]

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